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Singing Adelaide will bring South Australian choral events held during 2022 under one promotional umbrella celebrating the breadth of our choral community.

In partnership with the City of Adelaide, a curated suite of programs will bring a special focus to the city—a massed choir finale towards the end of 2022 and a Singing in Public Spaces program throughout the year will draw hundreds of choristers to the city. 

Any group of people who sing together regularly can take part.

A Sharing Day in May drew reps from 50 choirs to start planning shared programs and whilst our conversations centred around the key programming elements for 2022, broader themes emerged—the desire to share in multiple ways, celebrate our diversity and broaden the audience base—that will not only strengthen the sector beyond 2022, but also challenge, expand and enrich what we can achieve as a sector working together. 

Together we’ll continue to explore the social and health benefits of singing together through new initiatives where people will be encouraged to find their voice.

Download the May 2021 Sharing Day Outcomes 

Download the Singing Adelaide Intention Form

Why your choir should be part of Singing Adelaide

Singing Adelaide will be open access, meaning that all choirs are welcome to participate in this year-long celebration of choral singing, choral singers and choral music. Your choir will visibly take its place in the tapestry of South Australia’s musical life—proving that choral singing is extraordinary in its range or repertoire, there is a choir somewhere for everyone and singing together is uplifting for participants and audience alike.
All Adelaide Choral Network member choirs will be invited to participate in major choral events and special projects throughout 2022 (COVID restrictions permitting).
With our partner City of Adelaide, we will manage a calendar of choirs in public space throughout the city in which all member choirs can participate at least once if they choose. Choirs will be encouraged to provide input regarding suitable outdoor and indoor venues to include and flashmobs will be encouraged. We will manage the logistics so your choir only needs to turn up and sing at the designated place and time.
Your choir will be able to tap into the collective benefits of the publicity generated by Singing Adelaide as a key City of Adelaide project. Singing Adelaide will work with Tourism SA and cluster festivals like Adelaide Fringe, SALA and Umbrella City Sounds to raise the profile of all choral activity and drive social media campaigns for the benefit of all choirs.
Our strong festival culture has seen Adelaide audiences evolve—willing to participate throughout the year and prepared to take risks. Visiting choirs are known to have remarked on their size, warmth, and strong sense of ownership. The one-stop-shop calendar will make it easy for audiences to make choices and try new things. Free major events and popups in unexpected places will broaden the perception of choral singing, bring joy to the city and encourage people to find a choir of their own.
Participation in Singing Adelaide will be one of the benefits of Adelaide Choral Network membership which costs $100 per year (July - June).

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