COVID-19 Risk Management Guidance


Reasons to join ACN

If these strange times have taught us anything, it’s that we need singing, we need our fellow choristers and we need to co-operate and collaborate to make things happen safely. Now that we have published our COVID Guidance for Group Singing (access via the red bar at the top of this page) we can forge ahead with plans for the 2022 Adelaide Year of the Choir. Joining ACN will mean your choir can visibly take its place in the tapestry of South Australia’s musical life—proving that choral singing is extraordinary in its range or repertoire, there is a choir somewhere for everyone and singing together is uplifting for participants and audience alike.
The Event Calendar is a major project of the Adelaide Choral Network and is part of the members-only portal to bring choirs together to share plans with each other. BEHIND THE SCENES IT IS: ONE: a tool to coordinate our busy choral scene and avoid unnecessary competition for audiences; TWO: a springboard for collaborations between choirs; THREE: a hub to encourage creativity and innovation within choral circles; FOUR: password protected and visible only to other member choirs; FIVE: a form of targeted marketing within the network; SIX: searchable by date range, choir and music style—a resource for tourists and residents alike. From January 2021, it will be the PUBLIC FACE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA'S CHORAL COMMUNITY. Members have single-click control over when and if events are visible to the public once they are confirmed. It will promote individual events for their own sake whilst highlighting their place in the much larger cultural landscape—a ‘one-stop-shop’ demonstrating the range and vitality of choral activity driving growth and cross-pollination of audiences. The Event Calendar—both the public face and members only planning resource—will be an evolving project of the Adelaide Choral Network for many years to come.
In 2021/22 and 2022/23, participation in AYC22 will be one of the benefits of being part of the Adelaide Choral Network. You will receive invitations to participate in major events and special projects being planned for 2022 as opportunities arise. If your choir is based in an outer metropolitan or regional area and you don't think this has any relevance for you, consider whether you’d like to be part of a massed choir event in Adelaide in 2022 and whether it might be worth making the trip. Or whether you’d like to be scheduled for a singing opportunity in one of Adelaide’s public spaces. The Opportunities page can also be a portal to share information and invite participation in other choral activities as they arise. Members are encouraged to submit activities for inclusion.
Our strong festival culture has seen Adelaide audiences evolve—willing to participate throughout the year and prepared to take risks. Visiting choirs are known to have remarked on their size, warmth, and strong sense of ownership. The one-stop-shop calendar will make it easy for people—both residents and tourists— to make choices and try new things.
Being a registered choir will ensure you receive an alert if we need to update to our Guidelines - whether because government regulations change significantly, or there are updates to the available science.
Your annual fee of $100 will go directly to finalising and publishing the Events Calendar in the first instance—promoting your events to the wider public—and to the planning of special events for 2022. Thereafter it will enable the ongoing maintenance of the site. We are grateful to early adopters of the network who registered at various times as we established the network—contribution of your fee has enabled work on the website so far. Fees are annual and fall due each year on the date you registered. You will receive an auto-generated notification one month prior.
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How to Join

Download this Step by Step guide to Registration (pdf). It will help you with the process of uploading your organisation's details, adding choir profiles with images and paying your registration. There are 3 steps to registration.

Step 1: Organisation Details

Step 2: Choir Details

Step 3: Preview and Payment


Join our Mailing List

You can join our e-news list without becoming a paid up member of ACN—the perfect way to stay in touch if you’re an interested individual. Only the contact person on your choir’s profile will receive members-only info, so this a good way to sign up additional people in your organisation so they can receive general information from us.