COVID-19 Risk Management Guidance


Plans, Protocols, Procedures or Strategies

In the literature review, we call it an integrated risk mitigation strategy. It sounds complicated, but is really only a list of the measures you will put in place that you can then communicate to your singers to keep everyone safe.

It can be as simple or complex as necessary. Call it what you like—an action plan, a rehearsal protocol, a COVID response—it's a document unique to you, for your exclusive circumstances, which will help you manage singing together as safely as possible. There is currently no legal requirement for choirs to have a COVID-19 Protocol in place or lodge one officially anywhere. 

We recommend that you prepare it well in advance, and in a written format, so it can be clearly communicated to anyone to whom it applies.

This is different from your COVID-Safe Plan.

Choir rehearsals and gatherings can be reasonably interpreted to be ‘indoor public meetings’ under the State Government’s Emergency Management (Public Activities No8) (COVID-19) Direction 2020, and as such are required to complete and lodge a COVID-Safe Plan. So it makes sense that your individual Protocol complies with your COVID-safe plan. 

The official COVID-Safe Plan does not contain any information that relates directly to singing—hence the need for a Protocol that contains your own additional control measures chosen from those in the following pages.

If your choir also falls under another jurisdiction—e.g. an education or faith-based setting—you will need to make a judgement regarding combining these recommendations with the advice provided by your auspicing agency. 

Some choirs have already put a plan in place and resumed singing. If you are one of those choirs and have shared your plans with us, you may see some similarities to your own lovely word-smithing. In the spirit of sharing, we make no apology for that and hope you are flattered.

The South Australian Government COVID-Safe Plan is not difficult to prepare and requires only that you measure and indicate the area (space in m2) of each separate room you intend to occupy, indicate the maximum number of people likely to be present, check the box ‘indoor public meetings’ and agree to abide by the control measures listed. We have included these at Appendix One.  

There is no more information to add to the form and you cannot customise it. A COVID-Safe Plan is not ‘approved’ as such, but lodged as an indication of your agreement to the measures contained within.

Only the space you occupy needs to be measured and you can submit as many separate rooms (a space enclosed by a ceiling, and substantially enclosed by floor to ceiling walls) as you wish to use. Once you enter the m2, the form will automatically calculate the maximum number of people allowed.

Note that density is not the same as physical distancing. We have described the difference in the section on Risk Mitigation: The Physical Space.

You must be able to produce your COVID-Safe Plan if an authorised officer asks for it, so keep it handy. Place a copy where people can see it as they enter the room.

In South Australia, public performances fall under ‘the provision of public entertainment’ and also require a COVID-Safe Plan. We recommend a separate COVID-Safe Plan for performances. Your venue may have lodged a COVID-Safe Plan of their own with which you must also comply. 

This is a complex plan that must be approved by SA Health and is required for events where more than 1000 people are expected to be present. It is not likely you will need one of these.  We remain optimistic that, as the organisers of the Adelaide Year of the Choir, Adelaide Choral Network will be able to lodge one of these on your behalf for 2022!

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